South Africa: Zuma Puts His Foot Down Over Corruption?

by Admin on September 24, 2011

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President Jacob Zuma has taken yet another step to flex his muscle and finally attempt to build a legacy of firm leadership amidst criticism of his indecisiveness and paralysis. In part three of his decision-time “revival”, he’s established an enquiry into the controversial police leases and asked the police chief to defend himself against suspension. CARIEN DU PLESSIS reports on the thickening …

Superior Alternatives To Crappy Windows Software

Whether it comes bundled with your computer, bundled with other software, or is just the go-to program for a specific task, the Windows ecosystem is rife with oft-used, yet craptastic software. We asked you what your most hated Windows apps are , and you gave us tons of shudder-inducing examples. Weve compiled your answers into a list of our least favourite crapware, and the better programs you …

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