Microsoft-Sony game venture in the works?

by Admin on July 22, 2011

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Software juggernaut Microsoft hinted at a partnership with consumer electronics giant Sony after it registered this week two web domains bearing both firms’ names.

Brooke Gladstone’s Graphic Commentary of Media’s ‘Influencing Machine’

Brooke Gladstone is the long time co-host and managing director of WNYC’ s On The Media . She has a new book about media and our society called The Influencing Machine . It takes the form of a comic book, illustrated by artist Josh Neufeld, the author of A.D. : New Orleans After the Deluge . Gladstone joined us in our newsroom for a conversation: EmbedVideo(856, 514, 320); Read the transcript …

The victimhood myths of Palin fans

The reaction of her devoted fans to a blog post about poor attendance at a screening of “The Undefeated” is telling

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