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Into Eternity: Where the Past Meets the Future in a Wintry Ground Zero

by Admin on February 2, 2011

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Danish artist Michael Madsens Into Eternity , which had its local premiere at last years Tribeca Film Festival, documents an anti-monument to negativity. Admirably forward-thinking, if undeniably quixotic, Finlands government has undertaken the task of digging a hole in wh…

Thomas Adams and Yves Smith: FCIC Report Misses Central Issue: Why Was There Demand for Bad Mortgage Loans?

It is remarkable that the FCIC, with its access to industry figures and its subpoena powers, was unable to refine this sort of analysis together to give a clear picture of what was actually happening in the CDO market.

Event: Rubycon, Fun Machine, AstroChem @ Stage 88 Commonwealth Park, Canberra (26/1/11)

Australia Day doesnt usually connote the best day for live music in the year. Wednesdays Australia Day Jam session at Stage 88, however, was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

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