Brooke Gladstone’s Graphic Commentary of Media’s ‘Influencing Machine’

by Admin on July 15, 2011

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Brooke Gladstone is the long time co-host and managing director of WNYC’ s On The Media . She has a new book about media and our society called The Influencing Machine . It takes the form of a comic book, illustrated by artist Josh Neufeld, the author of A.D. : New Orleans After the Deluge . Gladstone joined us in our newsroom for a conversation: EmbedVideo(856, 514, 320); Read the transcript …

Healing vibes curing cancer: Medical mumbo-jumbo that’s actually all TRUE

No matter how many high-tech cures modern medicine brings us, alternative evangelists will always argue loudly that the true secrets of well-being lie in esoteric notions.

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