Brightwater tunneling completed this week

by Admin on August 24, 2011

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Digging the last tunnel in the Brightwater sewage treatment system was finished Tuesday, King County officials announced. Building the 13-mile tunnel system to carry treated wastewater from to the Puget Sound has been rife with delays and litigation. Last year, county Exectuive Dow Constantine moved to replace the contractor on the last of four tunnels …

Afghan police suffer worst casualties of war

The Taliban were raining fire on his checkpoint when Afghan policeman Jan Agha heard the whooshing sound of an incoming rocket just as he was tying a tourniquet on his bloody hand ripped by a machine gun bullet.

Murder of Afghan mayor deals new setback to Karzai

An assassin struck at the heart of President Hamid Karzai’s political machine in southern Afghanistan Wednesday, killing the mayor of Kandahar with an exploding turban and deepening a power vacuum in the Taliban’s main stronghold.

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