Asthma Causes and Symptoms and Home Remedy to treat and prevent Asthma

by Admin on March 18, 2011

By Dr.Mike Boucher

Asthma is a condition of sudden paroxysmal, expiratory, wheezing dyspnoea produced by an abnormal response of the respiratory center to stimulus causing hyperactivity of the vagal endings in the broncho-constricting muscles resulting in bronchial spasm; with it, hyperaemia of the mucous membrane followed by excessive bronchial secretion is associated.

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Asthma Causes and Natural ways And Home Remedies to Treat Asthma

By Dr.Steve Buchar

Asthma is an abnormal condition of the lungs characterized by inflammation wherein the airways are narrowed. When a person experiences asthma, his air passageways constrict and the bronchi become inflamed or swollen. Difficulty breathing is also experienced. This ….

What you don’t know about Asian blush

By Nathaniell Brenes

What is Asian blush, Asian blush, and the alcohol flush reaction? How to you prevent or cure it

The alcohol flush reaction is caused by our bodies insufficient enzymes that help break down ethanol (a bi product of the breakdown of alcohol). Basically, if you c….

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